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Tummy tuck
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Tummy tuck

What is abdominoplasty?

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that may solve the aesthetic problem of people suffering from loose tummies with excess fat and skin. Plastic surgeons may resort to Tummy tuck when liposuction is not sufficient to flatten the belly. Whereas liposuction as a procedure acts on excess fat;

Plastic surgeons in Tunisia are very familiar with this procedure. After removing the remaining fat through a liposuction, they usually proceed with Incisions in the lower part of the abdomen at the level of the hip bone and around the belly button. The number of incisions depends on excess fat and the degree of skin looseness. The plastic surgeon tightens abdominal muscles and removes excess skin and fat below the navel. In most cases, the procedure lasts roughly two to four hours, depending on different elements including the age of the patient, the body's reaction to anesthesia, the quantity of fat and skin to remove.

How is the follow up after the surgery?

After having the surgery, foreign patients spend two nights in the private clinic and at least two more nights in a four or five star hotel not very far from the clinic. The follow up is guaranteed by the plastic surgeon who did the tummy tuck in Tunisia. He changes the dressings after the surgery and he supervises the healing during all the medical stay in Tunisia. After flying back, the foreign patient keeps in touch with the surgeon and the agents who catered for their entire medical trip to Tunisia.

It is important to know that follow up with a nurse might be needed after tummy tuck surgery and after flying back from Tunisia. The follow up includes continuous change of dressings and daily care for the scars until total healing.

It is very important to organize in advance the after surgery follow up process. The regular doctor needs to be informed before travelling and his approval to ensure the follow up has to be obtained first. In case the regular doctor has specific requirements, the patient needs to know them in advance in order to get them from the Tunisian plastic surgeon.

What are the advantages of having tummy tuck in Tunisia?

Tunisian plastic surgeons' qualifications:

Most of them have international diplomas and attend continuously international trainings,

Going abroad for convalescence:

After undergoing tummy tuck in Tunisia, being far away from home and from the usual daily life is much more important than it seems. Most accidents happen during the convalescence period when patients are at home and they resume unconsciously their usual activity and habits.

Obviously the cost is much cheaper

Which doesn’t mean that the quality is lower! Foreign patients understand it more and more today with the increase of the number of foreign patients travelling to Tunisia for plastic surgery

To remember before travelling for Tummy tuck

It is important not to forget the original medical tests.

The clothes to wear after the operation need to be very comfortable, easy to wear and flexible enough in case of swelling.

Compression garment is usually provided immediately after the surgery, the surgeon himself orders it. It is possible and quite common to link this surgery to other ones like liposuction , breast augmentation , breast lift , nose job, abdominoplasty, face lift