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Breast lift Tunisia

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure designed to raise and reshape tissue, areola and nipple. It makes the boobs higher, more maintained, and better structured. This plastic surgery procedure is very frequently practiced, especially after pregnancy, breast-feeding or an important weight loss.

When is mastopexy recommended?

Breast lift in tunisia is indicated when the breasts get loose, empty and saggy. The fact of filling them with implants doesn’t solve the problem since they would simply get heavier. The skin envelope has to be reduced in size and the areola has to be repositioned in order to place the mammary gland at its initial position.

How is this plastic surgery procedure performed?

Under general anesthesia, different incisions are made according to the form , the volume and the extent of the falling of boobs . The incision may be simply around the areola, or around the areola and vertically down to the breast-crease; and it may include a third incision along the breast-crease (more scarce and usually practiced with boobs reduction). The excess skin is removed and the tissue , areola and nipple are repositioned in order to reach a better appearance. The size of the areola may be adjusted during the surgery. The operation takes about two hours and it can be combined with implants volume augmentation surgery .

What is the postoperative follow up

After the surgery, dressings are used to cover the incisions. Support bras are ordered by the surgeon to reduce swelling. The cramps in the wake of the intervention are minimal , and they are reduced by medication prescribed. In general, women are back to most activities within seven to ten days, and to work after a week or two. All activities can be resumed after four to six weeks.

What are the outcomes ?

The expected result of this plastic surgery is a higher and firmer chest, with a better form and a younger appearance. Boobs uplift is not supposed to change the size of the breasts; it is supposed to improve their shape and their level. Other procedures may be complementary like breast enlargement or boobs augmentation. These cosmetic surgery procedures may be practiced at the same time with the uplift.

Special warnings about breast uplift cost

It is important to make the difference between augmentation and boobs uplift. Quite often patients who consider the uplift procedure expect immediate results and keep in mind photos of breast augmentation with implants. First boobs uplift involves more and bigger scars than boobs job. Second, as opposed to the implants form, mammary gland and skin take longer to get the natural shape. As such mastopexy results may not be evaluated immediately; they need at least 6 months.

Another important point is that the size of the scars, their position and the weight they carry make them very fragile. In order to avoid all risks of complication it is very important to insure a follow up with a nurse or the regular doctor after flying back from Tunisia.

Wound healing depends on a lot of elements which are not necessarily linked to the surgeon’s work. As such, evaluating the result should not involve this point, especially if the problem arises after the patient’s departure from Tunisia.

In case of any complication after the surgery abroad, the surgeon has to be informed and he has to receive photos, otherwise he would not be able to take any responsibility.