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Buttock implants
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Buttock implants

Buttock implants in Tunisia

Brazillian butt lift Volume lack in the buttocks can be caused by hypoplasia, malformation, be due to pathologies such as poliomyelitis, to traumas or to an important weight loss. Buttock implants surgery can be carried out from the age of 18. Gluteal implants are made of a filling product inside an envelope. The envelope is made of elastomeric silicone. The implant is prefilled with a cohesive silicone gel. The different volumes depend on the manufacturer.

Before getting buttock implants in Tunisia

During a discussion and a consultation, the surgeon will take into account all the relevant parameters for each case (height, weight, skin quality, body fat, muscle tone). After studying these anatomic features and the expectations of the patient, the surgeon determines the plan for the buttock implants surgery. This will also take into account the positioning of the scars, the type and size of implants, and the position of the implants.

A preoperative blood test is made following your surgeon's recommendations. ?An anaesthesiologist will see you in consultation at the latest 48 hours before the operation. ?It is highly recommended to stop smoking at least one month before the buttock implants surgery and one month after (smoking can delay healing). No aspirin-based medication should be taken during the 10 days preceding the operation. You need to fast (neither eat nor drink) 6 hours before the operation.

What is The buttocks implants procedure?

The incisions are made in the intergluteal fold. It can be an isolated median incision from 5 to 7 cm or two peri median incisions of the same length. Associated treatments: in case of gluteal ptosis (sagging buttocks), it may be useful to reduce the cutaneous envelope of the buttock to raise it up (gluteoplexy). This skin resection will cause more important scars (in the sub gluteal fold, sometimes above the buttocks as for body lifting). Hips or outer thighs liposuction can also be associated in order to enhance the augmentation. A small drain may be left in place on each side in order to evacuate any blood which may form around the implant. The operation lasts from one to two hours and a half depending on the incisions and the associated treatments.

After the buttock augmentation procedure

There can be pain for the first few days after the procedure, particularly when the implant is large and placed behind the muscle thickness. Pain medication of the strength necessary to dull the pain is prescribed for several days. Even if there is no pain there will be a strong sensation of tightness. The original dressing is removed after a few days and replaced by a lighter one. Most of the time, stitches are intern and absorbable. If not, they will be removed after a few days. Re-education starts as soon as the second day after surgery for the seated position, which will be progressively possible in a few days to become completely comfortable in about 15 days. At least five to ten days convalescence is necessary before returning to work. Patients are advised to wait for one to two months before practising any sports.

The result of buttocks implants

The final aspect will be appreciated within 3 to 6 months after surgery. It is the necessary time for the buttock to become supple again and the implant to stabilize. The operation allows a volume augmentation and a shape enhancement. The scars usually are very discreet.

Notes about buttock implants in Tunisia

Medical exams:

1 or 2 surgical consultations, 1 consultation with the anaesthesiologist.


stop smoking 1 month before, stop aspirin-based and anti-inflammatory medication

Signing of the estimate:

10 days before the surgery, confirming being informed and validating the consent

Reflection period:

15 days between the first consultation and the surgery.


Anaesthesia: general.

Duration of the procedure: 1h30.

Leaving the clinic: 1 to 2 nights hospitalization.

Follow-up and result of buttock implants in Tunisia

Special care:

restraints during 1.5 month. Anticoagulants during 6 days.

Removal of the sutures:

not necessary, they are dissolvable.

Desocialisation after the surgery:

7 to 10 days.

Physical activities:

2 months.

Professional activities:

10 to 14 days.

Final result:

6 months.