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Nose job Surgery

What to know about rhinoplasty tunisia

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that is intended to reshape the nose in order to harmonize it with the face. It usually involves a refining of the nose, removing a hump or an irregularity, or raising the nose. The purpose might be purely aesthetic or simply functional (to improve the breathing conditions).

What is the procedure performed for intervention?

Incisions are made inside the nostrils or the base of the nose. The cartilage, bone and soft tissues are then carved into their new shape. The operation takes about one to three hours; a brace is then installed on the nose in order to maintain the corrected form.

The exact technical procedure for rhinoplasty depends on the surgeon's training, qualifications and theory. There are two main technics, open and closed rhinoplasty. Our specialist Dr Karim YACOUB usually opts for open rhinoplasty to avoid the visible scars, especially for a primary rhinoplasty in tunisia.

What is the postoperative ?

After a rhinoplasty tunisia surgery, the sutures last approximately one week. Ice and medications are prescribed to help reduce swelling and discomfort. For the first week after the surgery, the nose might bleed. Most of the swelling is resolved within two or three weeks. Most patients are back to work after two weeks and they resume their activity within a month.

What are the expected results for intervention?

The nose is more attractive and more proportioned with the rest of the face. The result might be optimized by following the surgeon's instructions properly.It is important to note that the final result of a rhynoplasty may not be seen before one year after the operation. In the meantime the nose keeps progressing slowing towards the final result.

Special measures when travelling to Tunisia for a nose job

Patients should not forget that after the operation, they would not be able to wear eyeglasses before a few months. As such it is very important to think of another solution (lenses for example).

Clothes should also be easy to wear and easy to take off without touching the nose. During the accommodation at the clinic, a hospital gown is provided.

The marks left immediately after the operation have to be protected from the sun, until their totally disappear. In the meantime, patients might be equipped with a hat to cover their face from the sun when they are out for a drive or other.

After leaving Tunisia

In most cases there is no need for a follow up with a local medical professional after leaving Tunisia. Patients have to be particularly patient after nose job surgery since it’s one of the surgeries that take the longest time to reach the final result. Usually it is not possible to evaluate the result before one year after the operation.

Hot and very cold drinks have to be avoided for a long time after the operation since the heat and the cold might stimulate bleeding.

The nose keeps progressing almost every day during the first year; as such swelling might give the impression that the nose is deformed. This impression shouldn’t worry the patient, who needs to keep in mind that the final result would not be achieved before one year.

Patient worries and questions have to be shared with us and with the surgeon since in most cases he has the right answers.

In case of dissatisfaction, within very few months of the surgery it is quite usual that patients think of visiting a local plastic surgeon for another surgery to “repair” what they don’t like. This is a totally false approach since the final result is not there yet and undergoing another surgery before total healing is a simple waste of money. Even worse, a second surgery might cause irreversible damages.