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Genioplasty in Tunisia

Genioplasty Procedure in Tunisia Getting a New Chin

Genioplasty in Tunisia is also referred to as chin augmentation. Usually the procedure is performed through sliding genioplasty or chin implants and it is meant to help people with chin abnormalities caused by different conditions. The procedure will enhance the symmetry of the face by enhancing the projection and the size of the chin.

What does the procedure in Tunisia involve?

Chin implants are usually used in order to correct minor abnormalities such as having a disproportionate chin. On the other hand, sliding genioplasty in tunisia is used to correct more severe deformities caused by trauma or birth defects. The surgeons are working on the inside of the mouth, which means that there will be no scarring. It is common for the surgeons to be able to work without implants, only by modifying the bone structure of the chin. The advantage of the procedure is that it can also influence the position of the lower lips, since these are supported by the chin.

The procedure can help people with a double chin. Although the majority of the patients don't really think about this aspect, the procedure can also improve their breathing because the lips will touch naturally.

What happens after this plastic surgery? In case a patient has procedure of genioplasty in Tunisia, after the surgery their jaw will be bandaged and dressings will be applied. The recovery time of the sliding genioplasty is longer than the recovery time of the chin implant procedures, of about 2-3 weeks. However, the patients can return to their everyday routine in about 7-10 days.

It is common for the patients to experience swelling and bruising and there could also be some discomfort and tenderness. The surgeons will prescribe some medication in order to help the patients cope with the discomfort. In the first few days the patients might not be able to chew properly so it might be best for them to have a liquid diet.

Is genioplasty expensive? The cost of the procedure is of [price]. This covers the costs of the anesthesia, the fees of the medical staff, 3 nights spent at the clinic and another 4 nights spent at a hotel.