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Breast reduction

Breast Reduction in Tunisia Is it Right for You?

The surgery is also known as reduction mammoplasty. During the procedure excess fat, skin and glandular tissue are removed to reshape saggy and voluminous breasts .

In many cases, having large boobs can lead to discomfort and pain. The situation may be alleviated thanks to surgery. The procedure is individualized and customised according to the needs and expectations of every patient. It may be associated to other plastic surgery procedures like liposuction .

In order to be eligible to undergo the reduction mammoplasty surgery, the patient has to be healthy, non-smoker, and with realistic expectations.

Large breasts may bother a woman in her daily life. They may affect her back, her shoulders and her neck. It can be painful because of the size and weight. Aesthetically, they may easily get saggy because of their heavy weight and as a result they may affect women's dressing. The procedure may help with all of these difficulties especially that the costs are affordable.

The process of the surgery

First of all, the patient receives medications to decrease the discomfort during the plastic surgery procedure. Usually the patients are under general anesthesia. After the patient is sedated, the surgeon makes an incision. There are three options for the location of the incision: a circular incision around the areola, a keyhole incision (meaning a circular incision around the areola and a straight incision towards the crease of the breast) and the inverted T incision.

After the incision is made, the surgeon repositions the nipple and removes the excess skin around it. The fat might be removed through liposuction and the remaining tissue is shaped and lifted. During the procedure there might be need to remove the areola and the nipple and to transplant them. In the end the surgeon closes the incisions.

Postoperative process

After undergoing the surgery, the surgeon uses dressings and bandages as well as a surgical bra. It is possible to have a small tube inserted in order to drain the excess fluids and blood. After the cosmetic surgery procedure, the surgeon gives specific instructions on how to do the daily care, what medication to take and when to check in for a follow-up.

How much is the cost of breast reduction in Tunisia?

In Tunisia, such a surgery isn't as expensive as one might expect. The total cost is around €2,600 including the medical fees, the technical staff, the accommodation for 3 nights in the clinic for observation and the three-night accommodation at a four-star hotel or specialised healing accomodation units.

Important notes about travelling for breast reduction to Tunisia

Patients undergoing breast reduction procedure should be very patient about the result. The shape of breasts might not look natural for the first weeks after the surgery. Then after a few months the result starts to get visible.

It is also important to note that after leaving Tunisia the patient would need to change the dressings and it is better to do it through a qualified medical professional in order to avoid any risk of complication.

Essentials in the luggage

Clothes must be open in the front and easy to wear. The medical bra is provided immediately after the surgery. The patient might find it difficult to move hands normally, and as such even clothes for the lower part of the body and the shoes have to be very easy to wear without bending.

High heels should be avoided and replaced by comfortable shoes.Patients may bring their preferred tea bags or coffee since in the luxury nursing accommodation patients have their private kitchen and servants might help them prepare their drinks.