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beautiful breasts

What characterizes beautiful boobs?

For women having beautiful breasts is important psychologically. Although beauty is very subjective, the common criteria remain symmetry, shape and size. Today having beautiful boobs is more a question of budget than fate. Starting from this belief we chose to offer solutions to women who may not afford breast surgery in their own countries and who are ready to consider other destinations to improve their boobs appearance.

Different elements characterize beautiful boobs regardless of their size. The first “enemy” is ptosis, whether big or small breasts might get saggy especially after important weight loss and as such they no longer look firm. The areola position also affects the aesthetic aspect . The more it has a central position the better it is. Low positioned areolas give the impression of saggy breasts even when they are not. The shape of boobs is another important element that affects the breast look. Healthy and beautiful boobs are supposed to be round or drop shaped. The tubular aspect of boobs is considered as congenital abnormality and a sign of incomplete breast development since the puberty.

Major elements affecting the aesthetic aspect

The breast size

The breast size might obviously affect the breasts’ look either positively or negatively. When we speak about size we obviously speak about weight as well, and the heavier breasts are the more problems they may cause.

The body weight changes

boobs are usually the first body part visibly affected by weight loss. The damagescaus ed by weight changes might be irrevocable and in most cases only plastic surgery may offers aesthetic solutions.

The lifestyle

Intensive physical activity without the right bra protection may damage the boobs. As such it is very important to wear specific bras made to offer the right protection and maintaining properly the . The aesthetic appearance usually affects the psychological well being of women.