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Cosmetic surgery is a very important part of medical tourism nowadays.
It is obvious that a few years ago, for many countries surgery was still considered as taboo. Nowadays, it is more and more assumed and spontaneously discussed. As a consequence, the number of plastic procedures has experienced a significant increase. Tunisia was not an exception to the rule. During the last twenty years, the country became one of the first foreign destinations for surgery especially for the French tourists. It is not a haphazard that the country benefited from this motivation in favour of Cosmetic intervention in Tunisia; in fact, the Tunisian health system provides a comprehensive on-site support and optimized hospital conditions. These conditions are fundamental for DUNE Esthetique.

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medical tourism

As a destination, The country is considered as a popular and attractive Mediterranean country for medical tourism for several reasons: first, because of its proximity to Europe; Second, because of of its health care providers' competence, and third because of the existence of all the necessary medical equipment....

Private clinics

Approved by the Ministry of Public Health, Tunisian private clinics suggested are equipped with modern equipment implementing the most advanced technologies in multidisciplinary services. Our team believes that the competitiveness of the costs is also a factor that has made Tunisia a popular destination, since patients may benefit from high quality aesthetic or cosmetic procedures and comprehensive care at very attractive prices, compared to prices in their countries. By choosing to undergo a plastic aesthetic procedure, Dune Esthetique guarantees a warm welcome, immediate care, daily assistance and follow-up ensured. Availability and trust are thus at the heart of the relationship with the patient

Why Choose plastic surgery in tunisia

the agence gives you an opportunity to deal with a passionate and experienced team made of skilled Aesthetic procedure who will accompany you in your personal process .

Step by step

Step 1: Ask for customized Information:

- Ask for a quote and provide photos = get the surgeon’s customized diagnosis for free.

- Specify your preferred contact hours= our specialized adviser will phone you and answer all your questions.

- Ask questions about the surgeon’s diagnosis = get answers and a specific all inclusive quote covering all the expenses from the arrival to Tunisia up to the departure from Tunis-Carthage airport.

Step 2: Plan your trip

- In general, medical exams might be done either in your home country or upon arriving (in which case the cost would be specified on the quote)

- Some medical exams (especially the blood test) might be necessary before proceeding with the planning of some cosmetic surgeries (for example important liposuction and tummy tuck)

- Ask all sorts of medical, travel and financial question to get a clear idea about the Tunisia plastic surgery trip

- Ask for the surgeon’s availability during your planned schedule

- Book your flight according to the accommodation duration recommended by the surgeon

- Provide us with a copy to confirm your booking and to allow us to follow the flight details on the arrival and departure

Step 3: Plan your payment for plastic surgery

- You may either pay upon arriving and reaching the clinic

- Or pay 10 days before arriving through a bank transfer (to avoid banking delays and possible errors)

- Payments are made in Euro

- No hidden charges or booking deposits are requested.

Upon arriving:

- Your adviser who’s been following you from the beginning will be welcoming you at the Tunis-Carthage airport

- You’ll be driven to the clinic and your adviser caters for your registration and takes you to your private room

- The medical team (nurses, anesthesiologist...) takes in charge your medical file

- The surgeon visits you in your room to ensure the medical consultation

- If everything is convenient to you, you confirm accepting to undergo the surgery the following day (generally around 8 o’clock in the morning).

During your trip:

- You stay 2 to 3 nights at the clinic. Should you need to spend more nights at the clinic it is possible without paying extra money.

- At the clinic you have 3 main meals and a small snack around 4 pm. Mineral water is included in the full board (you don’t pay it as an extra). Other drinks like sodas and fresh juice are charged by the clinic as extras.

- The plastic surgeon visits you every day as long as you are in the clinic

- Your adviser visits you every day to check that everything is ok

- Wifi connexion is free and available at the clinic

- A local telephone (with available credit) is provided to you upon arriving in order to allow you to get in touch with your adviser and with your relatives without having to pay roaming services.

- Your adviser picks you up from the clinic to take you either to the hotel or to the specialized accommodation unit (according to your prior agreement).

- A visit with the surgeon is always planned before the departure

- Your adviser takes you to the airport for departure and assists you to register on the flight.

After your departure:

- You keep in touch with your adviser

- On request, it is possible to keep in touch with the surgeon as well

- Photos after 1 month, 3 months and 6 months are compulsory for the follow up. The surgeon would not be in a position to ensure a secondary procedure (in case of need) if the patient doesn’t allow him to do the necessary follow up.

-In case any problem arises, it is necessary to inform the adviser and to send photos in order to allow him/her to ask the surgeon for immediate advice.


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