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Vaginoplasty surgery

Vagina rejuvenation, as a result of multiple childbirths and aging, it is possible for the vaginal muscles to experience enlargement. As a result, the muscles of the vagina may seem weak and loose. Vaginoplasty is also referred to as rejuvenation of the vagina and it is meant to correct the stretched muscles to enhance the patient's sexual life as it delivers greater control and contraction strength. All patients in good condition and health are good candidates for the procedure.

he patients thinking about vaginoplasty in Tunisia ought to know that it is a standard gynecological procedure. It is generally performed using local anesthesia, which means that the patient will be awake and conscious, but the patients could ask to be sedated. General anesthesia is seldom used. During the procedure the surgeon will tighten the muscles of the vagina along with the surrounding tissues through eliminating the excess vaginal lining. As a result, the vaginal muscles will decrease so that there will be more friction during sexual intercourse.

Post-surgery period

After the surgery the patients can expect to experience some bruising and swelling. Since vaginoplasty isn't a major procedure, in most cases patients are able to comfortable walk again in a few days and they are able to return to their everyday activities. They can return to having sexual intercourse in about 4-6 weeks. There are few risks and side effects in case of vaginoplasty, but it is still possible to have bleeding, scarring and infection. Nonetheless, the chances of complications are almost none in case of this kind of surgery. Surgeons usually suggest the patients to avoid using tampons, having sexual intercourse and douching for about 6 weeks.

The expenses involved with vaginoplasty in Tunisia

Patients considering this kind of surgery ought to know that the surgery costs around 1400 euros. This sum includes the fees of the surgical and medical staff, like the anesthesiologist and the nurses, and the accommodation (in the clinic as well as the hotel) for three nights.

Special notes

In case of vaginoplasty in Tunisia it is very important for the patient trust that the surgeon and the medical staff will be discreet as this is a very private procedure. Our staff understands this need of the patients and they do everything they can in order to protect the privacy of the patients.

Description: having vaginoplasty with our team depends on the way the patients feel.It is meant to offer them a youthful feel and open a wide new field of experiences.