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What happens during the labiaplasty procedure?

Patients often consider labiaplasty in case the labia minora is larger than it is supposed to be, protruding from under the labia majora. The most common reasons for patients to be thinking about labiaplasty surgery in Tunisia is having concerns regarding discoloration, length and size, intercourse, physical activities, being unable to wear given kinds of clothes, odor or hygiene issues and having multi-directional urine stream. The main goal of labiaplasty is to achieve a youthful look of the labia that isn't visible when standing.

There are several ways to perform labiaplasty. It can be done while the patient is under sedation or general anesthesia. The simplest procedure is to trim the labia. Another option is to remove some of the tissue to reduce the size of the labia minora. However, in case of this procedure it is possible that the vaginal opening will be constricted and the options for labia reduction are quite limited.

The main goal of the surgeons in case of labiaplasty surgery in Tunisia is to preserve sensation in the labia. Some of the procedures might cause loss of sensation in the area and this is a concern in case of the majority of the patients.

Recovery time after labiaplasty

A little discomfort might be experience at the very first hours following the surgery. The swelling and bruising will disappear on about 2-3 weeks. It is normal to notice some spotting after the procedure, but this will subside after a few days as well. It is best not to have sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after the procedure to protect the wounds. During the first week after the procedure the wounds need to be washed with water and soap three times per day. The stitches the surgeons use are dissolvable so the patients won't have to worry about them.

What costs are involved?

When thinking about labiaplasty surgery in Tunisia, patients should expect to pay roughly €800; all fees and charges included. More often this procedure is practised at the same time with other plastic surgery procedures and the cost is reduced by 50% since it remains a minor operation.